AI & Data Science.

Augmenting human potential

We help our clients assess, design, and deliver enterprise AI and data science applications that empower employees and transform how they work.

Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are taking the AI/ML revolution to a whole new level. The use cases are endless, and companies that apply these technologies are leapfrogging competitors in terms of productivity and value creation.

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You are not alone

Never in our careers have we seen a technology spread so quickly and with such a massive long-term impact. Everyone is striving to keep up.

We're here to help. We are assisting clients to overcome many challenges:

How we can help

We begin and end with human psychology and behavior.

The best cutting-edge AI, enabling the highest value use cases, will not get the results you seek unless your employees trust and feel empowered by it.

We cut through AI hype to focus on how your people really work, the information they can and want to use, and the kinds of tasks it makes sense to accomplish with machines.

We help clients go beyond optimization and improvement. We empower them to step back, envision entirely new kinds of problems and opportunities, and then co-design and develop scalable new Human+AI-empowered ways to work.

We combine our decades of experience in user research, design thinking, and human-centered design with profound understanding and experience in machine learning, data science, and the latest AI approaches and models.

People feel empowered by AI when they trust it.
People feel empowered by AI when they trust it.

Maximize your investments in GenAI, Machine Learning, and Data Science

Meet our expert

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Philippe Tarbouriech

Executive Technology Strategist

Philippe is a multi-discipline technologist with 30+ years of European and US-based experience at startups and large organizations. Philippe leads Whitespace's AI, Blockchain, Spatial Computing, Climate Tech, and Fintech practices. He recently won the Climate Fintech Hackathon at the Sustainable Fintech Conference in Zurich.

While problem-solving is an overused term, this is actually what I do. AI and Blockchain are just the latest set of tools in software, like Cloud Computing, Mobile, or the Internet before them. Businesses stand to benefit from human-centered approaches to leveraging advanced technology.

Our work in
AI/ML, Data, & Business Intelligence

An international team of strategy, design, data science, and AI/ML experts is available to develop fit-for-purpose solutions for your business. Contact us to discuss your needs and get started on your AI journey.


Strategic Playbooks

Inspire and guide your AI initiatives, balancing value, constraints, and risks

Intentional Experiments

Deliver fast, realistic POCs to test concepts and elicit 'Wow!' effects that get products funded

AI Product Roadmaps

Define ambitious, flexible, realistic paths for the evolution of your new AI products

Stakeholder Alignment

Leverage advanced workshop facilitation to get – and keep – your stakeholders inspired, engaged, and aligned 

Build vs. Buy Decisions

Get expert advice on whether an off-the-shelf or a bespoke solution is right for your needs

Solution Due Diligence

Have our experts shortlist and evaluate fit-for-purpose solutions currently on the market

Staffing & Resourcing

Scale your current capacity to ensure you stay ahead of exploding demand for AI solutions

Organizational Structure

Spin up interdisciplinary, cross-functional teams to bake collaboration into your AI initiatives

Product & Service Design

Voice of the Employee

Get real, detailed insights into how your people work with AI while inspiring new iterations and guiding prioritization

Omnichannel Service Design

Design innovative AI products that create new services, revenue streams, and brand value for your business

UX & Product Design

Boost adoption with custom navigation, interactions, visualizations, and fit-for-purpose interfaces

Product Customization

Generate better ROI for off-the-shelf, AI-powered software by customizing it to your needs


GenAI and LLMs

Take advantage of the many proprietary and open-source multi-modal LLMs on the market today

RAG & Vector Databases

Manage vector embeddings and add LLM context with vector databases and our advanced Enterprise RAG™ data pipeline

Knowledge Graphs

Complement vector search with structured representations of relationships to improve accuracy and explainability

Agents & Orchestration

Stitch together single-purpose business applications into powerful workflows using AI "agents" that automate processes and bridge silos

Neural Networks

Leverage deep learning for tasks such as object recognition, speech recognition, prediction, and other use cases

AI Software Development

Build data analytics tools, recommendation algorithms, chatbots, and other productivity-boosting solutions

AI/ML Software Audits

Assess the quality and integrity of data inputs and outputs while fine-tuning your models with best practices for safety and responsible use

MLOps Consulting

Employ best-practice tooling and processes for bringing machine learning models to production, as well as for maintaining and monitoring them

Multimodal Interfaces

Leverage LLMs and spacial computing hardware to interact with data and applications through voice, chat, gestures, touch, and gaze

Decision Intelligence

Leverage AI, BI, and low-code platforms to build decision-support solutions for customers and business users

Data Analytics & Data Science

Clean, structure, analyze, and interpret data to find insights and patterns

Data Engineering

Manage and organize data by building and maintaining databases and data pipelines

Data Virtualization

Create a logical data layer to provide centralized, real-time, and secure access across heterogeneous data sources

Change Management

Messaging & Positioning

Help your employees be aware of, care about, and understand the benefits of new products within the context of their work

Coaching & Mentorship

Prepare your leaders and influential staff for the shifts AI-accompanied work will bring to their teams and the organization

Tutorials & Training

Provide scalable in-person and video-based guidance for the effective, compliant, and responsible usage of AI solutions

Employee Assistance

Ease staff transitions into new kinds of AI-accompanied work via "genius bars", office hours, and private lessons 

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