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Designing better health outcomes

Power over health outcomes is moving closer to the patient, where the new normal is the "quantified self". The impact of this shift on the Digital Health & Wellness industry is profound.

Technology, experience design, and forward-looking regulation are playing a large role here, with digital therapeutics (DTx), telemedicine, remote clinical trials, handheld diagnostics, wearables, connected devices, AI, and nanotechnology serving as key catalysts for change.

Featuring core competencies in Clinical UX, Service Design, Software, and Industrial Engineering, Whitespace is uniquely positioned to service the needs of all stakeholders and shape the future of healthcare.

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Patient centricity goes digital

Technology is rapidly transforming the health sector. Pharma companies – once solely focused on biological medicines and vaccines – are now entering the DTx market.

At the same time, value-based care is shaking the foundations of the Payer / HCP relationship, while wearable technologies and mobile diagnostics are making it possible for patients and clinicians to prevent and manage diseases with greater precision, personalization, and flexibility.

More than ever, human-centered design is needed to ensure this transition is intuitive, efficient, effective, and trusted by all stakeholders. Health outcomes will improve and costs will fall if the entire spectrum of healthcare industry players fully embraces the new human-centered digital paradigm.

Digital Health & Wellness

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Our work in
Digital Health

Digital Therapeutics

Building evidence-based digital products to prevent, manage, and treat disease

Clinical Technology

Providing HCPs with the digital tools (e.g., EHR/PMR, decision support, secure instant messaging) they need to serve patients

Medtech Products

Crafting intuitive connected devices for diagnostics and disease management

Public & Global Health

Working with HCPs, municipalities, NGOs, and multilaterals to build stronger health systems

Telemedicine & PoC Services

Assisting HCPs to deliver best-in-class in-person and remote care services to a variety of patient profiles and communities

Health Equity & Diversity

Providing all people with fair access to high-quality healthcare services and the best possible health outcomes

Usability Audits

Performing heuristic evaluations of digital health products and services, including companion apps, DTx, and EHR systems

Clinical UX Maturity

Assessing the state of UX maturity for HCPs, insurance providers, tech companies, and service providers with clinical practices

Digital Health at Whitespace

At Whitespace, we pride ourselves in having the knowledge, skills, and expertise in Digital Health to best serve our clients in the healthcare industry. Our services are varied, involving the fields of strategy, research, design, engineering, and training.

With over a decade of experience in the health and life sciences sector – and with a team of senior design and technology professionals collaborating across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific regions – Whitespace is uniquely positioned to service the needs of all Digital Health stakeholders and help shape the future of healthcare.

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November 2023

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Aligning an innovation team through strategic workshop design and facilitation

Meet our expert


Dr. Gyles Morrison

Dr. Gyles Morrison

Clinical UX Strategist

Dr. Morrison is a Clinical UX Strategist with a 10-year history in healthcare. Starting as a doctor in the UK, he now works internationally, helping UX professionals and healthcare companies make products and services that are valued by clinicians and patients. His specialist areas include digital therapeutics, healthcare behavior change, health equity, and the professional development of UX practitioners.

UX is paramount in earning the trust of patients and providers, and legacy user journeys must be optimized to meet new expectations.

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