A Top 10 Pharma innovates in biostats

lightbulb innovation

Top 10 Pharma. Innovation process design for biostats division Case Study At a glance Innovation involves focusing on users and customers. And, just as important, it also requires leveraging employee ideas, technological capabilities, and strategic thinking. Whitespace has been working for a Top 10 Pharma company for years, with a strong emphasis on user experience …

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Leadership team workshop for a Top 10 Pharma

leadership workshop in Amsterdam

Top 10 Pharma. Leadership team workshop Case Study At a glance It is a great honor to be gradually pulled into increasingly strategic discussions with a client. In the autumn of 2022, Whitespace was privileged to be called upon to design and facilitate an in-person leadership strategy workshop – in Amsterdam – for a Top …

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Massive voice-of-employee workshop for a Top 10 Pharma

voice-of-employee workshop

Top 10 Pharma. Massive voice-of-employee workshop Case Study At a glance Digital transformation is music to the ears of the C-Suite, and it is exciting for project teams – but it can be worrying for employees. Questions like “What will I need to re-learn?”, “Will I still be needed?” and “Will my ideas be heard?” …

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External engagement system for a Top 10 Pharma

pharma rep meeting doctors

Top 10 Pharma. External engagement tracking solution Case Study At a glance Say goodbye to Word files and local folders – we transformed disconnected legacy processes into an integrated experience. Digital transformation must encompass a focus not just on technology, but also on process, content, and convenience. Our Big Pharma client was looking for this …

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A Top 10 Pharma accelerates clinical trials with user-centric data analytics

clinical trials

Top 10 Pharma. Statistical Computing Environment Case study At a glance We are working on a multi-year project to design and build a Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) for one of the Top 5 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The project is accelerating clinical trials for life-saving drugs and vaccines. SCE systems manage the versioning, security, and integrity …

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