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Enterprise User Experience

Enterprise UX

Whitespace specializes in Enterprise Experience design and development. Our UX First™ approach puts humans at the center of the creative and Agile processes.

The result: innovative products and services that create value and that people enjoy using.

We optimize the employee and customer experiences to help you achieve a higher Return on Human®.

From discovery ...

World-class employee and customer experiences begin with exploration. We employ a variety of discovery methods including data analytics, qualitative and quantitative user research, design thinking, design sprints, usability testing, and expert reviews to get at the root of the design challenges we face.

Armed with insights grounded in research, we apply best practices in product and service design – such as information architecture, user journey mapping, prototyping, service blueprints, visual and motion design, design systems, and data visualization – to transform a shared vision into working, testable solutions.

... to delivery

The UX process does not end with design. At Whitespace, we work with our clients to deliver innovative products and services that people rapidly adopt and put to use every day.

That's why our offering includes Agile UX development for web, mobile, wearables, voice/chat, and IoT. We leverage the latest technologies and solutions – such as mixed reality, data lakes, machine learning, AI, and blockchain – so long as they fulfill real user needs.

Together with our clients, we are transforming business operations and making it possible for people to do their jobs better, faster, and easier.

Higher Return on Human®

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What we do

"New ideas come from seeing, smelling, hearing – being there ...  If you're not in the jungle, you're not going to know the tiger."

– Tom Kelley, author of The Art of Innovation

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