Forbes: UX is synonymous with business strategy


According to an October 2019 article published by the Forbes Technology Council, User Experience Is Now Your Business Strategy.

Key takeaways from the article

  1. UX creates deeper customer engagement and loyalty.
  2. UX is a major competitive differentiator.

The article goes on to recommend that in order to make UX your strategy, companies should:

  1. Link design metrics to business metrics
  2. Use the latest technology to build hyper-personalized services
  3. Build design systems
  4. Foster a product-centric culture and mindset

These are good recommendations.

Our two cents

At the heart of the matter is that all businesses – not just tech companies – are providers of digital products and services. Whether these products and services are customer-facing or internal-facing is irrelevant. The important thing is to get UX into the C suite such that business goals and decisions become aligned with real user needs and human-centered values. Successful and sustainable companies understand this imperative.

Read the full article here.