The value of design systems


In a July 2019 article entitled You Need A Design System – Here’s Why, Forrester analyst Gina Bhawalkar unpacks the motivations behind the design system wave that is rapidly catching on within digital departments across all industries.

Gina's key takeaways

  1. Design systems help democratize design practice and free up UX designers to perform often under-resourced yet highly strategic tasks like user research and usability testing.
  2. Design systems help power accessibility efforts by ensuring that reusable design components are WCAG compliant.
  3. Design systems improve talent retention by ensuring that designers get to work on new design challenges instead of solving the same design problem over and over again.

Our opinion

The developer side of the equation is missing from Gina's article. Our experience shows that design systems greatly improve the collaboration and coordination between design and development teams, which is a crucial ingredient in building scalable DesignOps and DevOps practices.

Here at Whitespace, we are systematically 🙂 putting design systems in place for our clients as part of initial engagements. Subsequent digital projects leverage and build upon the design system, and we work closely with clients to institute governance practices that ensure the design system evolves in a flexible yet coherent way.

You can read the full Forrester article here: