Our Culture.

Crafted by the team

In today's business climate, culture is king. Culture is the embodiment of a collective set of values, and more than ever, it has an outsized impact on an organization's performance and sustainability.

A lot of companies publish their values. Turns out many of these value statements are top-down initiatives that reflect the interests of the senior executives, or are crafted with the help of highly-paid management consultants.

At Whitespace, we've always had solid values but never formally articulated them until the entire team took the initiative. Today, the code we work by is a bottom-up, shared collection of values that sets the tone for everything we do.

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Our collective values

We deliver the highest quality work for our clients while treating people – and the planet – with dignity.



We enjoy flexibility and autonomy at work while being responsible and accountable. Managing our personal work/life balance is important to being productive and healthy.



We love solving complex problems. Being curious, pushing boundaries, and coming up with original ideas is what creativity is all about.



We care about people, our clients, and the world we live in. High quality and innovative work results in satisfied clients and a sustainable impact on society. Knowing that our work is appreciated makes us feel happy and valued.



We trust our colleagues and have each others' backs. We are not afraid to have our own opinions and ideas. Being trusted by clients is a function of how much we trust our colleagues.



We always strive to learn new skills, tools, and ways of working. To learn is more important than being right. Being challenged or given constructive feedback is part of the learning curve.



"The whole is more than the sum of parts." We are all leaders, and effective leaders are great listeners. We feel supported, are able to rely on each other, and have a sense of belonging. Last but not least, we have fun while working together.

Breaking the ice

At Whitespace, we LOVE icebreakers.

These exercises are not just fun ... they're essential for any workshop or "serious" meeting. Besides using these techniques in client work, we have become fond of using them internally. Games, chocolate, coffee, and smiles – that's how to get stuff done the human way!

Our collection of icebreakers is getting HUGE. Weekly team meetings feature a new icebreaker invented by the rotating meeting lead. It's a great way to unleash our creativity and learn what makes each other tick.

Icebergs beware!


Often remote,
always close

We've been a geographically distributed team since the year 2 BC (before Covid). With some colleagues living as far away as Sydney and others migrating between the United States, United Kingdom, France, Dominican Republic, Greece, Spain, and Lebanon, it's rare that we're all in one place at the same time. So seeing one another in person is precious!