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Whitespace is a strategic digital transformation consultancy.

We guide and accompany in-house leaders and teams who want a human-centered approach to innovation and change.

Rooted in Swiss quality and Silicon Valley know-how, we connect design, data, and technology to deliver world-class digital experiences.

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Sustainable finance gains market intelligence with Tameo Analytics

Sustainable finance gains market intelligence with Tameo Analytics

Tameo is a start-up based in Geneva aiming to promote impact investing, a growing market intended to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact together with financial return.

Tameo was seeking an experienced UX and Technology partner to design and build a centralized and trusted market intelligence fund platform, Tameo Analytics, offering Fund Managers and Investors a wealth of independent research and comparative tools on impact investment funds.

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Riding the GPT rollercoaster

Riding the GPT rollercoaster

The jaw-dropping technology that is ChatGPT has clear usability gaps when it comes to setting up custom agents, called GPTs.

Identifying shortcomings in this technology’s service is far from splitting hairs. It’s about ensuring that the technologies of tomorrow do not inherit yesterday’s usability problems.

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Digital Health at Whitespace

Digital Health at Whitespace

With over a decade of experience in the Health and Life Sciences sector – and with a team of senior design and technology professionals collaborating across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific regions – Whitespace is uniquely positioned to service the needs of all Digital Health stakeholders and help shape the future of healthcare.

To learn more about our work in Health and Life Sciences, download our Digital Health Brochure.

Whitepaper on Enterprise Design Systems

Whitepaper on Enterprise Design Systems

Download a free report, co-authored with UXPin, on how leaders and design system contributors build, manage, and grow design systems that serve the development of internal and external products.

Ready to see how you compare?

Get key insights about:

  • Design system adoption and scale
  • Design-development collaboration
  • Tools and processes hurdles
  • Maturity challenges
  • Expectations for the future


Our senior team of consultants has years of experience in health, finance, luxury, manufacturing, sports, media, technology, education, and the public sector.


Strategic Advisory

Design-led organizations outperform their peers 2-to-1, but building an innovation lab isn't enough to create a space where innovation can flourish. Only a design culture can do that.

Our experts help you align initiatives with objectives, design practical and effective innovation programs, and see the forest through the trees.

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Development by Design

Agile development works best when paired with human-centered design. The alternative is risky and can prove fatal for your business.

Our UX, software, and industrial engineering teams work with you to craft products and services that your customers, employees, and partners need ... and love.

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Delivery on Demand

Many of today's tech jobs are outside of the tech industry. Yet companies are struggling to attract the talent needed to meet the demand.

Leveraging our multi-shore model, we collaborate with your internal teams to source the right people, at the right time, with the right skills, at competitive rates.

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AI & Data Science

We are committed to helping our clients leverage AI in a responsible, compliant, and human-centered way.

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Innovation & Transformation

Together, we can define the processes to improve, the mindsets to shift, and the future opportunities to seize.

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Product Engineering

As IoT, AI/ML, and AR/VR go mainstream, our software and industrial engineering practices are ready to meet the demand.

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UX & Service Design

We are passionate about blending Agile with UX to create human-centered, planet-friendly products and services.

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Employee Experience

Your teams need modern business systems that make it easier – and more enjoyable – to get work done. Just as important, Change Management must accompany new process and technology adoption.

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Design Operations

We assist in establishing design systems, research repositories, and operational processes that enable you to design at scale and accelerate the delivery of quality software products.

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Pharma & Life Sciences

We are proud to be working with global pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech companies to improve human health.

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Healthcare & Wellness

Tech is transforming the health sector, and we are at the forefront of this change, with expertise that includes digital therapeutics, telemedicine, wearables, and sensors.

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Investing in the professional development of your staff is an investment in the future of your business. Our bespoke corporate coaching and training programs give you the theoretical and practical tools needed to integrate design methodology into your SDLC, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, HR, and clinical practices. We help you learn by doing, and our tailored approach leverages your organization's own real-world projects and use cases so that the learnings are immediately actionable.

What we coach and teach is based on our real-world experience in multiple industries, and we also have the pedagogical prowess to match our street smarts. Many of our coaches are regular lecturers at leading universities, including the University of Geneva, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, HEC Lausanne, and Wharton.



OpenAI's Sam Altman riding a rollercoaster with his board of directors
Riding the GPT rollercoaster: a usability review of OpenAI’s GPTs
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A systemic approach to project evaluation
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4 ways accommodating neurodiversity can strengthen inclusive design for aging populations


Our latest publication is about Digital Health and its potential to transform the healthcare sector.

And be sure to download our white paper entitled Design Systems & DesignOps in the Enterprise, co-authored with UXPin.

Coming soon, we will be publishing additional white papers and market studies covering topics like Generative AI, Innovation Culture, Employee Experience, Agile UX Development, and more.

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