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For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot disclose all of our clients publicly. Those highlighted here have been selected to illustrate the diverse industries and geographies we serve.

Case Studies

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lightbulb innovation
A Top 10 Pharma innovates in biostats
leadership workshop in Amsterdam
Leadership team workshop for a Top 10 Pharma
voice-of-employee workshop
Massive voice-of-employee workshop for a Top 10 Pharma
Tameo launches sustainable investment fund platform
EADV together for better
EADV launches cloud-based portal for 7000+ member organization
ITC flag
A new web presence for the International Trade Centre
pharma rep meeting doctors
External engagement system for a Top 10 Pharma
clinical trials
A Top 10 Pharma accelerates clinical trials with user-centric data analytics
Edwards Tavi
Edwards Lifesciences provides better information to cardiologists
Tsunami buoy
Data Analytics for the UN’s Disaster Risk Reduction Programme
sita airport technology
A modern digital workplace for the leader in air transport technology


The Whitespace team was able to adapt perfectly to the specificities of our organization. We appreciated their professionalism and availability. The collective intelligence approach during the workshops allowed us to reach a consensus and helped us formalize our needs and the design of our new application.

We enjoyed their support for our project. An excellent collaboration that is just beginning.

Gilles Bayon, Chief Technology Officer, Tameo Impact Fund Solutions

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