AI & Data Science

In the face of pervasive change wrought by Artificial Intelligence and GenAI in particular, businesses cannot afford to do "transformation as usual". Ensuring that your AI initiatives are driven by human needs and not by "shiny new technology for technology's sake" is key to making this wave of transformation different than past ones. Whitespace is a leading player in the human-centered implementation of Generative, Prescriptive, and Predictive AI software. We understand how to bring the elements of trust and technology together to deliver data-driven automation and business intelligence solutions that your employees and customers will rapidly adopt.

Corporate Innovation

Whether you are building new products and services or seeking to improve your existing ones, we are here to help. We connect the backstage with the frontstage, your departments with each other, one touchpoint with the next ... and the hearts and minds of your customers. We won’t give you the ultimate solution. Rather, we will co-create it with you and your colleagues, partners, and customers. Together, we will put your organization on equal ground with the best-led product and service companies on the planet.

Product Engineering & Industrial Design

Integration is the name of the game. Whether it's about pure software or connected devices, today's companies are challenged to find partners that can grasp the full scope and complexity of business strategy, digital and physical product delivery, regulatory frameworks, supply chains, manufacturing, and sustainability. A full-service product engineering team – built on strategic UX and service design foundations – is a rare find, indeed. If that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

UX & Service Design

The distinction between digital products and services has become blurred. Designing experiences is not simply about the optimization of a process and the delivery of features. Instead of merely translating requirements into bits that someone buys, modern-day products and services must strive to transform the daily lives of the people who use them. Responsible behavior change is the new frontier in design, and we are passionate about its power to positively impact business and societal goals.

Employee Experience & Change Management

Hybrid work is the new norm, but getting everyone on Teams or Zoom is only the first step. Today's workers are demanding personalized, connected, and social experiences that simplify their lives and boost productivity. Meanwhile, a new generation of employees who grew up with well-designed B2C applications – so-called digital natives – have entered the workforce and are voicing frustration with legacy systems, cumbersome bureaucratic processes, and a lack of social connectedness in both mid- and large-scale organizations. Meeting these needs involves mobilizing cross-functional leadership resources and the will to embrace digital transformation for the entire organization.

Design Operations

Design Systems provide a shared language and framework for designers and developers to create consistent, cohesive, and scalable designs. They not only build a bridge between designers and developers but also help to accelerate the whole development process. Design Systems are part of DesignOps, which refers to the practices and processes that support the design team, including workflow, tools, communication, and collaboration.

Pharma & Life Sciences

Rapid progress in technologies such as AI, wearables, telepresence, AR/VR, and cloud computing are changing the dynamics of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech industries. The impact is felt in everything from R&D to clinical trial design to marketing and sales. As these industries evolve, the challenge is not only to leverage the advantages of new technologies but also to adapt to the shifting needs of digitally-savvy patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers. So it comes as no surprise that human-centered design has a pivotal role to play in how the industry adapts and thrives.

Digital Health & Wellness

At Whitespace, we believe healthcare will undergo the greatest disruption of any industry in the 21st Century. Pharma and Life Science incumbents must leverage advances in genetic engineering, data science, and deep tech to stay competitive. At the same time, new market entrants and shifting regulatory frameworks are rapidly transforming the field of play, with power moving increasingly in the direction of consumers. For this reason, the user experience for patients and providers is paramount in earning trust, where legacy customer journeys must be radically optimized to meet higher expectations.


Whitespace played an important role in optimizing the usability of VMRay's solutions, giving us an upper hand in the competitive malware detection and threat analysis market.

Dr. Ralf Hund, Co-founder, VMRay

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