Innovation & Digital Transformation.

Nurturing sustainable business growth

Your people hold the key to meaningful change. They live day to day within the processes, systems, and cultural norms of your organization. They see the issues and opportunities firsthand. And they are the ones best equipped to provide insights for innovation.

At Whitespace, we are working at the nexus of social science, business, and human-centered design to bring impactful change to organizations and their stakeholders. We bring proven and effective methods that help you hear what your employees and customers are saying, frame and (dis)solve problems, and uncover opportunities for sustainable growth.

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The art of the possible

Decades of working in inward-focused, siloed-by-department, production-line mental models has resulted in never-ending re-organizations, a host of unintended internal and external consequences, and a disillusioned workforce.

Building an innovation lab won't solve the problem either. For one, people are getting tired of innovation theater, and secondly, the issue is rooted in the culture outside of the lab.

The good news is, business transformation is achievable. Sustainable businesses share a few common attributes:

  1. They are constantly reinventing themselves, even when business is good.
  2. They adjust their business models to stay competitive with new entrants and shifting market forces.
  3. They look beyond their industry's status quo to search for signals in other domains.

Easy to grasp, harder to achieve. That's where we step in.

Our practical innovation and systems thinking approach will help you rekindle the creative power in your work, overcome the innovator's dilemma, and approach your old problems from a new, systemic point of view. Let's explore how you can shift from reactive to proactive, from output-driven to outcome-driven, and from industry to arena.

Together, we will demonstrate that impactful change is not merely possible ... it's powerful.

Corporate Innovation - incremental, evolutionary, disruptive
Three stages of Corporate Innovation

Talk to us about your Innovation initiatives.

Our work in
Corporate Innovation

Systems Research

Qualitative and quantitative approaches to exploring your business ecosystem

Systems Workshops

Map out the system you operate in to identify challenges worth tackling

Systems Training

Understand "Systems Thinking" and how to apply it in your organization

Futurecasting Workshops

Build successful strategies by creating plausible stories about the future

Innovation Strategy

Organize and coordinate your cross-functional innovation initiatives

Innovation Process

Streamline idea collection, decision-making, and project pipeline management

Innovation Training

Understand the different approaches to innovation and their tradeoffs

Change Management

Prepare to shift employee mindsets and put new innovation processes into practice

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Meet our expert


Peter Horvath

Peter Horvath

Strategy & Service Design Lead

Peter is a highly driven strategy consultant, with a passion for both design and business, and a unique talent for facilitating sustainable transformation within client organizations. Armed with a global background in digital strategy, experience design, and an MBA in innovation management, he seeks to create a positive impact for organizations and all their constituents.

There is a subtle balance of freedom and process needed for the management of innovation. With too much freedom, resources are used inefficiently, and the progression of projects becomes difficult. With too much control, creativity is stifled. An iterative approach helps identify the sweet spot.

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