Strategic Advisory

The same techniques we use to create human-centered products and services can be applied to matters of corporate strategy. We bring design methods to bear on broader business challenges, such as leadership, innovation, transformation, change management, employee experience, business development, and growth. Our teams embed themselves with yours to uncover the processes to streamline, the objectives to strive for, and the opportunities to seize. Together we can design the future of your business.

Development by Design

Most clients and partners approach us to work on complex, enterprise software projects. These typically involve the design and development of web, mobile, or embedded solutions for B2C, B2B, or B2E (business to employee) software. Our job is to bring the "UXpertise" to the party, making the complex feel simple, and ensuring that projects are not run in silos, but rather according to Agile UX best practices. UX has a role to play from project start to finish, and this is one party where it's polite (and preferable) to arrive early. From user story mapping and backlog refinement, through the development, launch, and post-launch phases, we are there to safeguard product quality and optimize the user experience.

Delivery on Demand

Without the right partner at your side, the search for reliable talent can feel like a never-ending slog. And there are costs and risks to consider, too. We have a deep and skilled pool of experts who can fill in the gaps and add immediate value. Our multi-shore model means you have the right blend of onshore, nearshore, and offshore resources to deliver your projects on scope, on budget, and on time.

Advanced Learning

At Whitespace, we're on a mission to change how products are built, how services flow, and how businesses function. Part of this involves building capacity within our client ecosystems so that the "design mentality" permeates these organizations from the R&D labs, to the front-line staff, to the C-suite. The Whitespace Academy provides vital up-skilling in the areas of UX Design, Service Design, Clinical UX, Digital Therapeutics, Agile Software Development, and Executive Leadership.


Whitespace was amazing in the way they engaged with both ITC’s internal stakeholders and external clients during all the project phases. They perfectly understood our complex service offering and helped us simplify it, making the user journey a pleasant and engaging experience.

Luisa Cassaro, Digital Communications Officer, International Trade Centre

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