Development by Design.

Experience is everything

Design-led organizations are leveraging data, AI, and UX to turn old models on their heads and achieve better business outcomes.

Whitespace is a leading provider of UX design and software development services for the enterprise. Our unique approach puts your customers, employees, and partners at the center of the Agile process, resulting in innovative products and services that meet people's needs – efficiently, effectively, and intuitively.

Whatever the challenge, whatever the technology, we are prepared to offer our strategy, design, and technology skills to support your mission.*

* We prefer clients who promote human health, social good, and sustainability, which is why we do not work with industries such as tobacco, arms, or fossil fuels.

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Design is Digital Diplomacy

Modern digital transformation is less about technology choices than it is about understanding human needs. Viewing innovation and change through a user-centered lens enables business and IT leaders to speak a common language centered on the experience of their customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.

Our approach combines Design Research and DesignOps practices with well-established Agile and DevOps practices, bringing what are often siloed or conflicting methodologies into a cohesive whole. The aim is to create a shared understanding between business and IT while reducing the project risk associated with large-scale transformation programs.

Design connects business with IT

Talk to us about your AI, digital transformation, and industrial engineering projects.

Agile for humans

Human-centered design (HCD) is key to a more sustainable and prosperous future, and it makes good business sense, too. The best products and services are the result of observation, empathy, and insight into real human needs. HCD works.

We understand that for most IT teams, a successful project is one that is delivered on time, on budget, and is feature complete. While we agree in principle, we also strongly advocate for the addition of user experience criteria including adoption, efficiency, and engagement. Over time, the design criteria are of greater strategic importance.

At Whitespace, our project approach is a unique blend of HCD and Agile methodology. We practice (and teach) Agile that Actually Works.

The Whitespace Way
The Whitespace Way: our unique approach is based on a blend of UX and Agile principles.

Our work in
Design & Development

Custom Enterprise Applications
Custom Enterprise Software

Bespoke, AI-infused solutions for data-intensive, line-of-business applications in complex and highly regulated environments

Development by Design: mobile and web applications
Web & Mobile Applications

Web apps, mobile apps, and knowledge portals for B2B, B2C, and B2E (business-to-employee) use cases

medical device
Product Design & Manufacturing

Solutions for medical devices, industrial and consumer products, POS kiosks, wearables, AR/VR, and more

Technologies and standards

AI is evolving rapidly, and the models and tools available are growing in number by the week. Some of the tooling includes models trained on the largest possible data sets, while others are focused on a particular domain or on augmenting generic LLMs with specialized knowledge.

Community: Hugging Face

LLMs: GPT-x, LlaMa, Gemini, Cohere, Anthropic (Claude), Mistral, MemGPT, Ferret

RAG / Vector DB: OpenAI Tokenizer, LlamaIndex, Pinecone, Weviate, Milvus, Chroma, Qdrant, Faiss

Application level: Python, NodeJS

LLM framework: LangChain, Ollama, Pytorch, TensorFlow

Agents and orchestration: Crew, SGLang

Data extraction: Nougat, Marker, Unstructured, Tika, PDFminer

Integrated: Azure AI Studio, Watson, Klu

Monitoring: Llmonitor, Puddl

Meet our experts

Philippe Tarbouriech cropped 500x500

Philippe Tarbouriech

Executive Technology Strategist

Philippe is a multi-discipline technologist with 30+ years of European and US-based experience at startups and large organizations. Philippe leads Whitespace's AI, Blockchain, Spatial Computing, Climate Tech, and Fintech practices. He recently won the Climate Fintech Hackathon at the Sustainable Fintech Conference in Zurich.

While problem-solving is an overused term, this is actually what I do. AI and Blockchain are just the latest set of tools in software, like Cloud Computing, Mobile, or the Internet before them. Businesses stand to benefit from human-centered approaches to leveraging advanced technology.

Julia Borkenhagen

Julia Borkenhagen

Chief Experience Officer

Julia has over 25 years of experience in user experience research and design. Passionate about turning complex scenarios into intuitive experiences, she is a firm believer in a collaborative approach, bringing together business stakeholders, IT, and end-users.

Always keep the focus on the users: observe what they do, understand how they feel and think, create what they really need.

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university campus
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