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Created and managed by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), the Sendai Framework Monitor is an online tool that captures self-reported (by UN member states) progress data against a set of 38 Sendai Framework indicators towards the seven Sendai Framework global targets.

The indicators measure progress and determine global trends in the reduction of risk and losses. They are especially important in helping to measure the impact of climate change.


Public Sector / United Nations


Sendai Framework Monitor


Stakeholder interviews

User interviews

Design Thinking workshops


User journeys

Functional workshops

Clickable prototype

Usability testing (multiple rounds)

Graphic design

Presentation at UNDRR event in Cancun


Development was done in-house by UN teams in Bangkok

Data visualization and reporting

Using the new analytics module, stakeholders and decision-makers can follow the progress made on a global and national level. The tool, which is accessible to all, also allows for comparisons of regions and countries at the target and indicator level.

Sendai Global Targets Map
Sendai Global Targets Map View
Indicator A-1 comparison
Sendai Indicator A-1 Regional Comparison

Likewise, the recently released custom reporting module enables countries to monitor their own country-specific targets and map them to their prevention planning objectives. This tool is especially valuable to countries that don't have the resources to maintain their own digital prevention planning solution, allowing them to share their reporting with other countries or regional institutions and build a community of best practices and knowledge sharing.

The Sendai Framework Monitor has it all: indicators such as fatalities, economic loss, and readiness criteria that are complex and interdependent; a system requiring a matrix of multiple roles, processes, and access defined by regions and countries; and a reporting and analytics solution conceived to last and grow over the next 15 years!


Whitespace has been not only a service provider but also a real partner. Their innovative ideas, commitment, and flexibility make them a great company to work with.

Rhea Katsanakis, Programme Management Officer, UNDRR

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Putting UX in action to reduce disaster risk

Our job was to make it extremely simple to operate for the end users, who are primarily local and national government officials from across the full spectrum of UN Member States.

Overall, it is highly gratifying to see the Sendai Framework Monitor in operation, and to realize that all the workshops, design iterations, demos, conference presentations, and usability tests have paid off!

For an overview of the Sendai Framework and how the Sendai Framework Monitor is being used, have a look at this video.

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Key stats

User testing of the Sendai Framework Monitor prototype in Cancun – June 2017


Member states impacted


Global targets monitored


Sendai Framework indicators


Year when SFM is set to end


Julia Borkenhagen

Julia Borkenhagen

Chief Experience Officer

This was an extremely complex project due to the subject matter. The technical notes for Sendai were dense and difficult to decipher. But we persisted and ended up creating a reporting and analytics platform that made sense to users in all 193 UN Member States.

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