Executive Leadership Programs

Based on techniques taught in the world's leading acting schools, our leadership courses and coaching services translate what it takes to make world-class theatrical productions into a business context, providing executives the opportunity to hone their creativity and give themselves and their teams a competitive edge. Led by award-winning actor, Quinn Bauriedel, our courses are highly customized for each client, enabling leaders to prepare for board presentations, public speaking opportunities, TV appearances, team-building events, change management initiatives, and more.

UX for Non-designers

Unique to the Whitespace Academy, this course – co-designed by Jasmina Travnjak (UX Engineer) and Julia Borkenhagen (UX Strategist) – provides training in UX fundamentals for developers, business analysts, project managers, product owners, product managers, and business leaders. Available in both English and French, the course uses an inductive learning approach to introduce non-designers to concepts like Design Thinking, User Research, Usability Testing, Prototyping, UI Design, Design Systems, and Agile UX Development.

Clinical UX Fundamentals

In this multi-part Whitespace Academy course designed by Dr. Gyles Morrison, designers of all levels and industry backgrounds will learn to apply their UX skills in the context of health systems, behavioral science, clinical trials, safety, privacy, regulatory compliance, and more. The course focuses on the interaction and experiences that clinicians and patients have with healthcare technology and services. Building on the knowledge and skills required for working in the healthcare field, there is also a need to know about clinical pathways, health assessments, medical records, regulatory affairs, and more in order to design products and services with good Clinical UX.

Digital Therapeutics Essentials

Dr. Gyles Morrison leads this one-of-a-kind Whitespace Academy training on what is proving to be the fastest-growing segment of the digital health sector: Digital Therapeutics (DTx). The course addresses the current state of the DTx landscape, fundamental and advanced design concepts, and country-specific regulation of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). The training is perfect for educating teams at digital health startups, health insurers, and established medtech and pharmaceutical companies with nascent digital health divisions.

Agile that ActUally Works

This Whitespace Academy course is all about the practical application of Agile development methodology. Emphasis is placed on areas that are often missing in engineering-focused Agile coaching scenarios, namely how best to structure conversations between business and IT and how to integrate UX research and design into the Agile process. The aim is to transform the Agile way of doing things from one that churns out features faster to one that creates lasting customer value. Product and business teams of all sizes will benefit from this insightful training program.


It was amazing how quickly Whitepace learned our complex clinical research domain and were able to bring together their creative design methodology with our unique process needs to ensure what we build together is readily adopted and greatly appreciated by the end users.

Top 10 Pharma, VP and Head, Programming and Business Excellence

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