Employee Experience & Change Management.

Your people are your superpower

The pandemic and hybrid work have transformed the Digital Workplace, putting added pressure on IT and HR teams everywhere. From digital natives to C-suite execs, from back-office administrators to front-line workers, employees are demanding more from the systems and processes they encounter on the job.

At Whitespace, we work with our global clients to deliver excellence across their Employee Experience ecosystems. We are passionate about what goes on within organizations because we know it has a significant impact on the products and services that are delivered to the marketplace. Employee Experience and Customer Experience are two sides of the same coin.

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The human value chain

Poor employee experience leads to poor customer experience. To deliver value for the business, your employees need a modern workplace experience that is underpinned by a culture of human-centered design.

And yet, many employees are in constant battle with the processes and IT systems that they use on a daily basis. Productivity and retention hinge on these factors.

Fortunately, leading organizations are starting to put serious resources into Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and Business-to-Employee (B2E) solutions. This includes everything from modern intranets, to domain-specific business applications, to process innovation and change management.

Digital Workplace

Talk to us about your DEX & B2E initiatives.

Our work in
Employee Experience & Change Management

UX & Service Research

Understand user needs across departments and geographies

DEX Strategy & Planning

Create a vision and roadmap for a modern digital workplace

DEX Solution Delivery

Design and develop B2E solutions on Akumina, Microsoft Viva, and other DEX platforms

Governance & Change

Establish clear roles, drive adoption, monitor engagement, and accompany change

From our portfolio

voice-of-employee workshop
Massive voice-of-employee workshop for a Top 10 Pharma
pharma rep meeting doctors
External engagement system for a Top 10 Pharma
clinical trials
Accelerating new medicine time-to-market through a new clinical data analytics solution

Meet our expert


Roos Durieux photo

Roos Durieux

UX & Service Design Lead

Roos is an experienced service design professional with a strong focus and background on the intersection of Employee Experience and Customer Experience design. Her approach involves understanding both the internal and external customer, mapping out their context, and uncovering solutions that add value to their experiences. To achieve this, she integrates the Design Thinking process with Change Management practices, ensuring a holistic and engaging approach to drive meaningful solutions.

Actively engaging employees during the design process empowers them to co-own the change and become an integral part of the success of the solution.

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