Agile that Actually Works.

How to build products people need and love

We created Agile that Actually Works, because with Agile as it's typically practiced, it's possible (and common) to build poorly designed products at breakneck speed. Agile is too often associated with Lean Startup, which is shorthand for "going faster to satisfy investors while using customers as guinea pigs". Turns out, customers don't like to be treated as experiments.

We have successfully used Design-driven Agile for over two decades to deliver high-quality, enterprise-grade products that stand the test of time, reduce business risk, and create added value for customers (CX) and employees (EX). The secret: focus on the users. This course will give you the tools and methods to build products that people need and love.


Design-driven Agile

Agile that Actually Works is a hands-on group course designed for BAs, POs, PMs, Developers, and line-of-business managers seeking to create a corporate culture where Design-driven Agile methodology can flourish.

The training modules focus on practical approaches to building shared understanding among project stakeholders, integrating UX into the Agile process, defining ways of working and success criteria, and prioritizing outcomes over outputs.

Companies of all sizes will benefit from a renewed sense of shared responsibility, reduced project risk, clearer project visibility, and happier end users.

Format(s): In-person, Online, Hybrid

Length: 3 half-day sessions

Language(s): English, French

Pre-requisite(s): Agile and UX maturity assessments (preferred), UX for Non-Designers (preferred)

Academy - Agile that Actually Works

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Course modules

Understand the purpose, roles, and responsibilities of the project

  • Define strategic goals and metrics
  • Define a RACI matrix
  • Agree on high-level milestones and timeline

Collaborate with the UX Expert during the discovery phase

  • User research: Interviews, observations, surveys, analytics, audits
  • Introduction to Design Thinking

About the facilitator

Jasmina Travnjak

Jasmina Travnjak

Developer, UX Engineer, Agile Coach, Professor

Jasmina, a Software engineer specialized in web applications, is also a skilled Business Analyst and a Certified Scrum Product Owner. She has spent her career working with SCRUM and considers herself an Agile Native. Her technical knowledge combined with her business analysis and UX skills enables her to act as a bridge between the designers, developers, users, and stakeholders on software projects.

Besides acting as a tech lead and Agile coach for Whitespace, Jasmina is also an IT lecturer at local universities, where she teaches programming, databases, web technologies, and Agile project management. This pedagogical background enables her to motivate team members and lead projects in a modern and effective way.

Jasmina holds a BSc in Information Technologies and an MSc in Learning and Teaching Technologies from the University of Geneva.