About Whitespace.

Higher Return on Human®

Whitespace was founded on the premise that employee experience and customer experience are two sides of the same coin.

We combine innovation strategy, human-centered design, software development, and industrial engineering to revolutionize how global companies create products and services.

Yet designing and building things is only part of what we do.

We are also enablers and agents of change. Our workshop facilitation, leadership training, and advanced learning programs help accelerate innovation initiatives, foster alignment, and lead organizations toward successful transformation outcomes.

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UX is in our DNA

We are in business to help our clients craft customer and employee experiences that have a direct and meaningful impact on people's lives. Through our actions and in partnership with our clients, we strive to generate sustainable outcomes in health, climate, equity, inclusion, and democracy.

These outcomes are possible because we apply human-centered design to the strategic innovation and digital transformation challenges faced by our customers and by society at large. Our approach comprises researching, analyzing, visualizing, and optimizing the connections between people, processes, technologies, and systems.

Our teams are dedicated to changing the way that organizations approach problem-framing and problem-solving, and we envision a future in which organizational silos fade in favor of a human-centric collaborative mindset.

Working together, we can achieve a higher Return on Human®.

About Whitespace - UX is in our DNA

Six reasons to hire us



We recruit experts whose proven analytical, design, technical, and soft skills enable them to bring immediate and durable value to large and complex client organizations across a wide array of industries.

Having this kind of impact requires sourcing, nurturing, and empowering a motivated team of strategists, designers, developers, project managers, and relationship builders who bring their full selves to the craft – day in and day out.



We care deeply about our clients, our employees, our partners, our communities, and our planet.

At Whitespace, our values include trust, quality, creativity, freedom, learning, and teamwork. These values help us nurture long-term relationships and ensure that work stays fun and human. The fact that we embody these values every day is reflected in the clients we choose to work with.



Diversity is one of our superpowers. We hail from different countries, socio-economic backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and career paths. For this reason, we are particularly strong in designing for accessibility, inclusion, and equity.

Women hold key executive leadership positions at Whitespace, and this has a clear impact on our values and company culture.



Our mission is to create sustainable business and social value through the power of human-centered design.

We choose our clients carefully, nurturing those that are on the path to sustainability and avoiding any whose businesses are harmful to the environment, society, or human health.

Whitespace is actively working to qualify as a certified B-Corp.



Our consultants have years of experience building innovative products and services for complex enterprise environments such as pharmaceuticals, banking, technology, and industrials.

We have a deep bench of strategy, design, and technical talent that we tailor to the unique needs of each client. From C-level consulting to cloud architecture, from design to delivery, we've got you covered.



Unlike large consulting firms who sell with their A team and deliver with their B team, we believe our clients deserve the very best from start to finish.

When you hire us, you know you're dealing with talented professionals who pride themselves on quality outcomes and client satisfaction.

No B teams here.

Our journey has only just begun

2014: Company founded

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, by two veterans of Silicon Valley's tech industry, Julia Borkenhagen and Jesse Anton.

2015: A diverse portfolio of clients
IAEA in Vienna

Thanks to word of mouth, we started out strong by delivering strategy and design services to a diverse client base, including non-profits, international organizations, pharma, and consumer products.

2016: Strategic UN contract won
Usability testing for the Sendai Framework Monitor in Cancun 2017
We were awarded a year-long contract with the UNDRR to work on the vision, concept, and specifications of the Sendai Framework Monitor, a global platform to gather and analyze data on disaster risk reduction across all 193 UN member states. This platform will be in place through 2030 and is playing a critical role in data collection on the impact of climate change.
2017: Digital Workplace becomes a core competency

SITA intranet example

The Digital Workplace trend started to take off in 2017, with different initiatives of user research, content strategy, chatbots, and experience design for international clients. Whitespace begins working with Akumina's DEX platform.

2018: Executive team expands

Lise Melanjoie-dit-Savoie

Our executive team got a boost of energy, with Lise Melanjoie-dit-Savoie joining us as Chief Commercial Officer, bringing our business strategy to a new level.

2019: First "Big Pharma" client and multi-year global contract
Workshop on statistical clinical environment

We took a deep-dive into the Clinical Trial process by designing an enterprise solution to manage the Statistical Computing Environment of a Top 5 Pharma company, with the goal to accelerate pipeline delivery and enhance the user experience.

2020: Solid growth despite the pandemic
24 Hours of UX

In 2020, we grew our local team and expanded to Portugal, France, and Australia. In support of the global UX community, we launched the hugely successful 24 Hours of UX event.

2021: Expansion into luxury and sustainable finance markets
Tameo Solutions screen

We continued our long-lasting relationships with our international clients and made strong connections with local players in luxury watchmaking and the sustainable finance industry.

2022: New offices in Carouge and transformation to an LTD

A couple of milestones for 2022: we moved into our new offices in Geneva's hip Carouge district, added delivery teams in Eastern Europe, and transformed from an LLC (Sàrl) to an LTD (SA) to better serve our large, international clients.

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