Clinical UX Fundamentals.

Designing for clinicians and patients

The learning curve in the health sector is steep, but designing products and services for clinicians and patients becomes easier when you have learned the Clinical UX Fundamentals.

In this multi-part course delivered in association with the Clinical UX Association, designers of all levels and industry backgrounds will learn to apply their UX skills in the context of health systems, behavioral science, clinical trials, safety, privacy, regulatory compliance, and more.

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Creating healthy futures

This one-of-a-kind course focuses on the interaction and experiences that clinicians and patients have with healthcare technology and services. Building on the knowledge and skills required for working in the healthcare field, there is also a need to know about clinical pathways, health assessments, medical records, regulatory affairs, and more in order to design products and services with good Clinical UX.

The intended audience for Clinical UX Fundamentals includes design practitioners working within pharma, biotech, medtech, research institutes, HCPs, and health insurance companies. Due to the corporate focus of this training, the teaching material can be customized to match the needs and context of each in-house team.

Format(s): In-person, Online, Hybrid

Language(s): English

Clinical UX Fundamentals featuring a doctor with patient and mother

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Course modules

A focus on how healthcare operates, from a global, national, regional, and local level, and how these insights can affect the design process

  • Healthcare priorities: how to determine which diseases are focused on globally and locally
  • Health promotion: how to encourage good health using marketing techniques and behavioral science
  • Health assessment: using health questionnaires, examination, and investigations to diagnose health
  • Clinical pathways and care plans: guidelines and processes used to treat and manage disease
  • Healthcare economics: how to efficiently and effectively manage resources in healthcare
  • Designing in healthcare: details of factors that can positively and negatively impact designing in healthcare
  • Healthcare stakeholders: understand more about patients, providers, and payers

About the facilitator

Dr. Gyles Morrison

Dr. Gyles Morrison, MBBS MSc

Clinical UX Strategist

Dr. Morrison is a Clinical UX Strategist with a 10-year history in healthcare. Starting as a doctor in the UK, he now works internationally, helping UX professionals and healthcare companies make products and services that are valued by clinicians and patients. His specialist areas include digital therapeutics, healthcare behavior change, health equity, and the professional development of UX practitioners.

Dr. Morrison has taught thousands of people around the world on the topic of healthcare UX for universities, design courses, and conferences. His professional work as a Clinical UX Strategist has also taken him across the globe, working for digital health startups, the NHS, and large pharmaceutical companies.

He is the founder of the UK-based Clinical UX Association, a non-profit providing events, training, and networking opportunities to improve the use and access of healthcare technology and services.